Biography/ About me

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1973. My formal art education began in high school, where I
majored in Graphic Art in 1991. I went on to study B. Comm Communications Management at the
University of Pretoria, receiving my degree in 1995. I completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts
at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 2014 and is currently enrolled in my MVA.

My travels started with a student exchange program to the USA, where I worked on a ski-resort in
Vermont for 6 months. After the USA, I went to the UK for 2 years, where I spent most of my time
working in a family-owned hotel in Wales, with regular trips exploring Europe. I returned to SA for
about a year, when I decided to continue my travels to the UAE in 1999, where  I currently reside.

My conceptual works have developed from intensive research. I explored my interests in using the
female body and mentality. Introduction to new techniques, especially multi-media and the use of
technologies have opened a new field of interest for me. I particularly enjoyed making stop-frame
animations and video works, touching on performance art.

Further exploration led to an engagement with my personal relationships as a starting point for my
concepts. Living with continuous separations within relationships, it was this 'absence' that
became the dominant catalyst for my explorations. Traditional techniques such as embroidery
became my vehicle to express the boredom and loneliness within a relationship with a frequent
absent partner. This progressed into works dealing with the feminine:  women's sexuality,
fantasies and exploration of the self.

Feminist and environmental issues are becoming an area of interest to explore. I have been
interested in the aspect of sustainability in terms of identity and personal relationships, and aim to
extend this research further to other topical issues related to the local environment.

I would love to hear feedback of your impressions of my work. Please
Contact Me if you would like
to share your thoughts.

Thank you
Stephanie Neville
2017                                   Workshop facilitator, Thejamjar Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE
2015                                   Workshop facilitator, Collage Talent Center, Sharjah Ladies Club, Sharjah, UAE
2013                                   Private Art tutor, Sharjah, UAE
2010- 2013                        Workshop Facilitator (part time). thejamjar, Dubai, UAE
2012                                   Art Facilitator, Little Stars and Seven Oaks British Nurseries, Sharjah, UAE



April 2015                              World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE
May 2011                               
Coffee shop whispers, Coral Beach Resort, Sharjah, UAE   
April 2008                              
Out of Arabia, Ibis Hotel, Dubai, UAE.
Sep- Oct 2006                       
Out of Africa, Ibis Hotel, Dubai, UAE.


July 2017                                 Woven Identities, with Jeff Scofield, NUYAD Project Space, Abu Dhabi, UAE
March 2017                            
 Mangroves Festival, Umm Al Quwain Mangroves, UAE
December 2016                   
 Visions of the Future, Etihad Modern Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE       
March 2016                            
Mangroves from the Water, Thejamjar Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE
December 2015                    
Mangroves from the Water, Umm Al Quwain Fort & Museum, Umm Al Quwain, UAE
November 2015                   
 Mangroves from the Water, Sharjah Fine Arts Society, Sharjah, UAE
October 2015                     
    Mangroves from the Water, Project Space, New York University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE
September 2015                   Sustainable Art, Abu Dhabi art Hub, Abu Dhabi, UAE
November 2013-                   
UNISA Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition, UNISA Art Gallery, Pretoria, RSA
January 2014
February 2013
                  UNISA 3rd Level Selected Visual Arts and Multi Medie Student Exhibition, UNISA Art Gallery, Pretoria, RSA
May 30, 2012                         Group exhibition,
Millionaires Business Club, Meydan Hotel, Dubai, UAE.
February 2012                       
Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai Festival City, UAE.
November 2011                    Art Exhibition at  
International Conference: Animals in Law and Society: Perspectives from Africa and Beyond, Unisa, RSA.
                                               Celia de Villiers, Nathani Lüneburg and Ciara Struwig are the curators for this exhibition.
June 2011                              Joint Exhibition, Egypt court, Ibn Batuta Mall, Dubai, UAE
April 2011                               Joint exhibition, Kambaa lounge, The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE.
February 2011                       
Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai Media City, UAE.
February 2010                       
Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai Media City, UAE.
February 2009                       
Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai Media City, UAE.
October 2008                         ARTE Art & Photography exhibition, Time Square Mall, Dubai, UAE.
Aug 2008                                
Art Oasis, Wafi City, in conjunciton with thejamjar & Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai, UAE.
July 2007                               
 Art & Fashion, Bur Jurman Mall, in conjunction with Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai, UAE.
March 2007                          
  Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai Media City, UAE.
December 2006   
                Ideal Home Show, Airport Expo Center, Dubai, UAE.
October 2006                        
Breast Cancer paint off, with thejamjar, Bur Jurman Mall, Dubai, UAE.
August 2006                         
 Art Oasis, Reef Mall, Deira, in conjunction with Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai, UAE.
July 2006                               
ARTE Artists, Mercato Mall in conjunction with Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Autism Center, UAE.
June 2006                             
World of Fashion and Luxury Products, Hyatt Regency, Dubai, UAE.
April 2006                              
ARTE Artists, Presotto Furniture and Accessories, Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE.
December 2005                   
Art & Fashion, Jam Jar & Bur Jurman, Dubai, UAE.

Juried Shows:

May 2016                                The Big Picture, ProArt Gallery, Dubai, UAE
May - June 2015                   "
Home is where..", Arterie Fine Art Gallery, Naperville, IL, USA
Political Commentary, Linus Gallery, LA, USA [online]


2016                                        First place, ALL Botanical exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery [online], Maryland, USA
Merit Award, 16th Online Artavita contest [online], Artavita, California, USA

December 2013                    
Merit Award
                                               UNISA  Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition, UNISA Gallery, Pretoria, RSA.    
February 2013                       
Excellence Award- Visual Arts
                                               UNISA 3rd Level Selected Visual Arts and Multi Media Student Exhibition, UNISA Gallery, Pretoria, RSA.

Residencies and Workshops:

June/ July 2015                 Liwa Art Hub residency, Abu Dhabi, UAE
November 2014                Tasara Weaving center, Beypore, India


Current                                Master of Visual Arts, University of South Africa.
2016                                    Seeing Through Photographs, The Museum of Modern Art on Coursera (online)
2009 – 2014                      Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), University of South Africa (UNISA).
2014                                    Art Writing and Journalism Course, Art Radar Asia (online).
1992 – 1995                      B.Com. Communications, University of Pretoria, RSA

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