Residency 2015
These works were created during a residency at the Liwa Art Hub, June-July 2015.
My initial inspiration was the desert, but staying in the space amongst the date
trees, my colour palette was inspired by the various shades of the dates in
different stages of ripeness. Combined with the fact that I was the only female
visible for 3 weeks, my initial desire to create works from the scrap metal and
other recycled objects available on site changed my aspirations back to my
feminine style- exploring the colours and shapes though textiles.
Journey 1 & 2 (2015)
Mixed media on canvas: acrylic paint, chiffon,
pins, ribbons.
100 x 100 cm
Nectar (2015)
Mixed media: wire frame, linen lining, chiffon
160 cm x 120 cm
Queen of the desert (2015)
Mixed media: recycled materials: chair,
hessian, carpet, spray paint, palm leaves.
150 cm x 120 cm
Mixed media: found objects: frame, canvas,
hessian, string, bolts, threads.
120 x 100 cm