Concept Development
The 2012 course work does contain images and words of a sensitive adult nature
This page contains some of my experimental and development work during
conceptualization. These artworks are all the process through which I The initial concept
focused on my 7 year wedding anniversary, bringing a retrospective look on my
relationship. My inspiration stem mainly from Ghada Amer and Tracey Emin, but I looked
at a variety of artists such as Susan Lentz and Lauren DiCaccio. My obsession with
textile and embroidery begins....
Wedding photos collages
Playing on photoshop
Pre-monoprint developments
                                                                Wedding Veil:
Beginning with hand stitched vows on white veil, it developed into a spray painted version, which I used to do collages.
I then played with the '7 year itch', with 7 veils of different colours, portraying different stages of a relationship, different personalities I could take on during
White- bride, wife, traditional, innocence, hopes, dreams; Yellow- jealousy, infidelity; Pink- love, sweet innocence; Red- lover, sex; Purple- dominance,
submission, luxury; Green- fertility, jealousy, omnipresence; Grey- absence, depression.
(all yet to be completed)
Embroidery Portraits...
the beginning:

the beginning...
a series of photographs